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NBN Installation Contractor

The NBN is the new National Broadband Network being rolled out across Australia by NBN Co.
Primarily a fibre optic network in suburban areas and wireless in rural Australia, the new NBN network provides customers with faster access to the internet and online media.


Franklin Bell are specialist providers of services related to the National Broadband Network.


If you're looking for assistance with any of the following, you've come to the best place.

  • Connect my existing telephone cabling or phone to the NBN
  • Connect my PABX or telephone system to the NBN
  • Improve WiFi coverage throughout my home or business that's connected to the NBN
  • Relocate or move my NBN modem to another position in the premises
  • Connect additional data points to the NBN
  • Connect my fax machine to the NBN


Despite being told by service providers that these types of connections aren't possible, we've helped many customers connect their existing cabling, phones, phone systems and fax machines to the NBN. So why not give us a call today to get your equipment connected - you'll be pleasantly surprised by how far we can help.


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